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Bellwether Ambassador Program 

The mission of Bellwether International is to promote and protect freedom of religion or belief at the intersection of human rights, and we’re looking for people to join us. We focus on four pillars to enact measurable and sustainable change: education, gender equality, aid to displaced persons, and advocacy. Bellwether Ambassadors are ready to dedicate a bit of their valuable time and creativity to raise awareness for freedom of religion or belief. They must be passionate about freedom of conscience and be willing to think of ideas for implementing or otherwise supporting these four pillars in their communities. 


What you do: 

  • Plan projects and events that promote freedom of religion or belief in your community. 

  • Act as a liaison between your occupation / areas of expertise / communities and freedom of religion or belief.

  • Attend leadership and advocacy trainings.

  • Work with a global network to promote human rights.


What you get: 

  • Support from a nonprofit organization fighting every day for human dignity. 

  • Potential continuing education credit. 

  • Leadership hours within a nonprofit organization. 

  • Creative autonomy as you plan projects and events that promote freedom of religion or belief in your community.

  • Monthly leadership and advocacy trainings.

  • Growth potential in an international human rights organization.

  • Resume building experience.

  • Connection to an international network. 


Estimated time commitments: 

  • Monthly virtual leadership trainings run for one hour.

  • Plan and run an event / community outreach campaign at least once annually.

  • Growth and leadership potential for those who want to dedicate even more time to the cause.

Applications due August 9, 2021.

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