Holiday Advocacy

How do we respect and protect our neighbor’s freedom of religion or belief this holiday season?

There we were, a hole in the putting green ten feet away and a gaudy bracelet hanging off my student’s tiny wrist, jangling every time the club in her hands collided with the golf ball.

“I like your bracelet,” I told her after a particularly jingly jangle.

“Thanks,” she replied with another swing. “I got it for Secret Maccabee at school.”

We watched the little white ball come to a slothful halt several yards shy of its target.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Well, I celebrate Christmas at home, but I go to a Jewish school. So, I’m learning about Hanukkah and we do Secret Maccabee instead of Secret Santa.”

Another swing, another micro-bell chorus from her wrist.

“So, you get to celebrate one and learn about the other? That’s so cool.”