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People are our Purpose.

Freedom of religion or belief affects every country in the world. We focus our efforts on where religious and belief minorities are threatened and targeted.


Through our pillars of education, gender equality, aid to displaced persons, and advocacy we are helping marginalized and vulnerable communities across the globe. 

We are concerned about people, and ensuring fundamental human dignity and human rights for all. People are our purpose.

Country Profiles

Statements and Joint Letters

August 3, 2023                   Statement Remembering the 9th Anniversary of the Yazidi Genocide

June 15, 2023                     Statement Condemning Hate Speech against the Yazidi Community

September 19, 2022         Joint Letter on Designating Nigeria as a Country of Particular Concern:

March 19, 2022                  Joint Letter about Ukraine's Orphans in Peril

September 14, 2021         Joint Letter to Bring Back Missing Yazidi Women and Children

December 15, 2020         Joint Statement on Freedom of Religion or Belief as a Human Right

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